SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle - SimXPro
SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle - SimXPro
SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle - SimXPro
SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle - SimXPro
SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle - SimXPro
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SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle

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SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle

SimXPro XFR LusoMotors 2S Bundle


Get yourself in position with the new SimXPro Formula rig. Everything is fully adjustable and with the new designed extended pedal tray and extended seat mounts, the seating positions are better than ever. This special sim racing rig and seat make this setup THE BEST Formula sim racing rig on the market! 

With this bundle you receive the New SimXPro XFR Rig and the LusoMotors Double shell Formula seat!

The base frame:

Get in position with the new SimXPro XFR Formula rig! Everything is fully adjustable and with our extended pedal tray and extended seat mounts, the seating positions are better than ever.

The SimXPro XFR is suitable for all types of seats. due to the SimXPro Extended Seat Mounts, you can tilt any seat with side mounting to the position that feels best for you. Everyone has their own wishes, a polyester shell, Sparco or other type of seat. All seats with side mount can be mounted.

Like all our other top models, the SimXPro XFR is completely powder coated in black. A perfect finish with a unique look and feel.

Various (front) wheel mount options make it possible to mount all common wheelbases. This rig can handle any type of Direct Drive and loadcell / hydraulic pedal set.

The base price includes the complete rig with Aluminium profiles, black powder coating, brackets, accessories, support feet, extended pedal tray and extended seat mounts.

Furthermore, it is delivered without other hardware such as pedals, the steering wheel and wheelbase.

SimXPro XFR Specifications

  • Base frame dimensions: Ca. 1350x740x820mm
  • Footprint: Ca. 1600x740mm
  • Weight: ca. 65 kg


Recycled plastic is being used for packaging this specific product.
Help the environment and recycle the paper and plastic packing materials.
Shipping with 
DPD is CO2 neutral!


What is included:

· SimXPro® Flat or front wheel mount (HS)

· SimXPro® Adjustable feet brackets (HS)

· SimXPro® Extended pedal tray (HS)

· SimXPro® Custom seat brackets (HS)

· SimXPro® Seat slider system

· SimXPro® Black powder coating

· LusoMotors 2S (Double shell) Formula seat Black Gloss*

· Rubber dampers

· Mounting brackets (HS & Alu)

· Black bolts. Nuts and t-nuts with ball spring

· End caps for all visible profiles, cover caps for all visible nuts

· English step-by-step building instructions.

(HS = Hardened steel)

About the LusoMotors Formula Seat

The double shell is the improved version of the single shell (1S) from LusoMotors. Unlike the 1S the 2S does not need support profiles. Another significant difference is the back of the seat, the 2S has the completely smooth finish all around. As you now can understand the 2S is a lot more complete and therefore more expensive than the 1S.

The LusoMotors 2S formula seat is available in 2 sizes, standard or XL.

Seat is 35 cm (up to a trouser waist size 32). The XL is 41 cm (from a pants waist size 32)

There are many different types of padding available, this can be ordered separately after you have placed an order.


Outside EU? Contact us first so we can double check if shipping is possible to your location.

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