XT120 - Black Powder coating -
XT120 - Black Powder coating -
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SimXPro XT120 - Black Powder coating

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SimXPro XT120 - Black Powder coating


The XT120 is the a good choice for the sim racer who wants to get the more out of there rigs in terms of strength and adjustability. Expanding and upgrading is very easy because all our parts can be used with all our profiles. You are not tied to one model or a fixed setup. The XT120 is our high end model with shifter mount, seat mounts and (front) wheel mount of choice. You can also chose if you want to have the uprights connected with our steel corner brackets our Aluminium T-connect plates.

Base frame dimensions: Ca. 1250x600x800mm
Weight: ca. 48 KG

Basic package contains (without options)
Aluminium profiles, black powder coating:
2x 1300 mm - 40120 profiles
2x 800 mm - 40120 profiles
2x 500 mm - 40120 profiles
1x 580 mm - 4080 profile
2x 500 mm - 4040 profiles
1x 340 mm - 4040 profile

Corner brackets:
4x Black 40120 corner brackets
4x Black 40120 corner brackets or 2x Black 10mm T-connect plates
1x Black 4080 corner bracket
7x Black 4040 corner brackets

Pedal tray:
1x Pedal tray, 3 mm hardened steel
(description below)

Wheel mount:
1x (Front) Mount of your choice including adjustable mounting brackets:

Universal flat mount, 6 mm hardened steel
Compatible with: The pre-drilled pattern fits all the common brands in the market. In case you want to use this wheel deck for a DD with side mount you need to have, or order the extra side mount brackets.

Fanatec CSL Elite, 6 mm hardened steel
Only compatible with CSL Elite

Fanatec DD1/DD2, 8 mm hardened steel
Compatible with: All Fanatec DD's with side mount

Universal front mount, 8 mm hardened steel
Compatible with:
OSW Mige 130 series
SimSteering AKM5x
Lenze MCS12H
SimuCube 2 Sport, Ultimate and Pro
Accuforce Pro

Universal seat mount (optional):
3 mm hardened steel, dimensions LxWxH (mm): 65x375x110

Dimensions of the mounting holes:
Spacing between the front and back holes: Fits 220 to 310 mm (side mount) seats
Holes on the front and back pattern: First one starts 40 mm from the bottom the top one starts at 92mm

4x rubber dampers
End caps for all visible profiles
Cover caps for all visible nuts
Bolts and (t-)nuts to assemble everything
Building instructions

T-nuts and slides
Our profiles have slots all around. Where possible, we have provided our brackets with slides instead of holes. This means you are not stuck with one fixed setup and you can adjust everything to your wishes.

Base frame
The X120 is constructed with 40120 high quality aluminum extrusion profiles. Not all aluminum profiles on the market are the same. There is a lot of difference in the quality and density of the profiles.

Powder coating and anodizing
Almost all black aluminum profiles that you see today are anodized. Anodizing is a chemical surface treatment for untreated aluminum. During this process a thin layer of black is created that covers the surface of the profile. Anodizing is thin and very sensitive to scratches. For this reason we have chosen to powder coat our black profiles with matte black industrial powder coating, this is up to 30 times more scratch resistant than anodizing and also feels much smoother and has a more luxurious appearance. The grey profiles are NOT powder coated. This is the reason for the price difference between both versions. All brackets in both the grey and the black version have a matte black structured powder coating.

Our simulators have been developed in such a way that all wheels and pedals of the common brands can be mounted. Almost any seat can also be mounted. If you have a seat with a bottom mount, we advise you to attach it with our bottom-to-side mount so you can attach and adjust the seat to the included seat mounts.

All our seats come standard with all the necessary mounting material, unless mentioned otherwise. Because not everyone has the same taste or wishes, our sims are not sold with a fixed seat. We always advise you to test a seat before you order it. Especially with the more expensive models. Locally there are often different (car / tuning) shops that have various seats that you can test. Due to transportation restrictions we cannot ship seats outside of Europe.

When ordering somewhere, check whether all mounting materials are included.

Seats can only be delivered to EU addresses.

Mounting your wheel

The X120 is standard equipped with a universal 6 mm flat mount with a pattern that is compatible for mounting all wheels of the common brands. You can adjust the position of the wheel to your preference. Raise, lower and / or tilt your wheel for the perfect position.

Do you have a Direct Drive or a CSL Elite? You can select your front wheel mount that is compatible with your wheel. If you have a high force Direct Drive that you also like to use as such, we recommend the optional T-Connect, then you are guaranteed flex free!

Pedal tray
The pedal tray is made of 3 mm hardened steel with four break pressed sides for extra strength. With a weight of 6 kilos, this is a very sturdy, robust pedal tray on which all pedals of the common brands can be mounted.
With the M-165 brackets made of 5 mm hardened steel and the four mounting points on each side you can place your pedals in many different positions. When you attach the front M-165 brackets to the "uprights" you can even mount your pedals reversed. Be creative and surprise yourself by the possibilities.

Rubber feet
Anti-vibration dampers are included for placing under your simulator. If you would like to place your simulator a little higher and provide it with a more robust look, we optionally have the SimXPro adjustable feet that you can add in the options.

Final finish
All necessary cover caps for profiles and visible nuts are included.

For all our models, there are many accessories available, such as the seats, front wheel mounts, PS4 and PC trays, shifter mounts / brackets, screen stands, etc.

Options that are often used in combination with this simulator:
Adjustable feet upgrade
Integrated triple screen setup
Single/triple screen setups
PS4, PC, mouse tray
Cup holder

As soon as we have received your order, we will collect and pack it for you. Generally, an order ships with 1-4 business days. You will be automatically notified as soon as the order status changes. To limit damage during transport, all parts are also individually packed. We take the greatest care in this process. If your package is presented damaged, this has occurred in the shipping process. Always check or reject the package in case of visible damage.

Shipping costs are calculated after entering the shipping address in the checkout. You can find an overview of the shipping costs here: Shipping overview

Please recycle
Where possible, we use packaging material made from recycled plastic. Help the environment and recycle the paper and plastic packing materials.

Our shipping with DPD is CO2 neutral
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