• A central place for hobbyists and professionals to purchase game simulation software and hardware.
  • A platform that gives sellers the solution, and support they need to grow their businesses.
  • A platform that will give the seller a boost in sales, more brand awareness and a larger customer base.
  • A non-risk affair for sellers as we work under the principle: No sales = no costs. 

Simplace current statistics:

  • 1100+ visitors per day mainly from the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and the Northic Countries.
  • Average Conversion rate: 1.9%
  • Session per device: 8% tablet, 40% laptop, 52% mobile
  • Simplace Instagram Followers: 7400+ followers
  • Instagram average likes: 700 likes

Seller Benefits

  • Simplace provides the vendor a boost in sales.
  • Simplace provides the vendor more brand awareness.
  • Simplace takes care of advertising the products targeting the right audience.
  • Simplace gives the vendor access to a large customer base.

How to start selling your products on Simplace?

  • You need to create your seller account here. 
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions on how to properly setup your seller dashboard. 

What happens then?

  • Go through the manual step by step to setup your seller dashboard. You can download the manual here.
  • Add your first products: upload your product details, pictures, video's, files and set prices.
  • Our team will check the uploaded products. Products will be online after the team accepted and verified the product upload.
  • Simplace will transfer your revenues to you by Paypal or bank transfer anywhere in the world.

We charge the following commission fees for soft- and hardware:

Since we would like you to be our “kick-off” vendor we charge you the following:

·       15% commission on hardware  

After one year we charge our normal commission rate:

·       20% commission on hardware

**There are no additional costs besides our commission rate and VAT.**

As we are convinced of the strength of our platform: you can leave us at any moment in time if you feel this co-operation is no longer beneficial to you.

Send all correspondance to: info@simplace.co


Kind regards,

Jesse Simons

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