LogitechG Saitek Rudder pedals
LogitechG Saitek Rudder pedalsControl on the ground and in the air.With the rudder pedals from Saitek you have full control over your plane! On the ground, use your feet to steer and brake the nose wheel (and therefore the aircraft)...
Saitek Throttle Quadrant
Multi engine flying starts with an additional Throttle QuadrantWhether it's a multi-engine propeller plane, or an airliner, flying multi-engine using the Saitek Pro Flight - Yoke system (sold separately) is likely to be lacking levers. The Throttle Quadrant from Saitek...
LogitechG Saitek Yoke system
LogitechG Saitek Yoke systemThe most sold Yoke in the worldSaitek's Pro Flight Yoke system is the most widely used flight sim yoke in the world. Whether you fly with a small aircraft or in a large airliner, the Saitek Yoke...
LogitechG Saitek Radio Panel
LogitechG Saitek Radio PanelNo more zooming in on your radio stack!With the Saitek Pro Flight Radio panel you can easily change the COMM, NAV, ADF and DME frequencies, or your transponder code, in your home cockpit. Thanks to the seamless integration with Flight...
LogitechG Saitek Instrument Panel
A panel for fifteen different instruments.The Saitek Instrument panel has the ability to display fifteen different instruments on just one panel. With the help of rotary knobs and hotkeys you can quickly make a selection which realtime display you want. With the Saitek Pro Flight...
Logitech G29 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
Available on 2-2-2021 With renewed Force Feedback systemThe Logitech G29 Force Feedback is Logitech's latest racing wheel, featuring an updated Dual-Motor Force Feedback system. Every corner, every slip, every change in the terrain ... With this racing wheel you really...
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