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Asetek got into the rapidly growing SimSportsTM Gaming market in 2021. That year, it released its first sim racing products, which were made to give sim racers the full feeling of being in a real racecar. We think our sim racing pedals will get sim racers more excited and into the game than anything else on the market.

Asetek's first piece of innovative racing simulator gear is the high-performance InvictaTM sim racing products, which come with a throttle, brake, and clutch pedal, as well as the easy-to-use RaceHubTM software for quick adjustments and calibration.

In addition to the Invicta pedals, Asetek will also sell pedal plates that can be changed out to make racing without shoes more comfortable. Asetek will be releasing more SimSportsTM products, such as wheelbases, steering wheels, shifters, and other ways for the end user to change the product.

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