Verstappen 3rd place in BMW SIM 120 Cup


Max Verstappen and his Team Redline teammate Maximilian Benecke finished third on Sunday during a virtual race at the Nürburgring. It was the second race in the hotly contested BMW SIM 120 Cup.

Verstappen qualified fifth in the 45 car strong field - all BMW's M8 GTE. Team Redline lost a few positions after the rolling start - with Benecke at the wheel - but after fourteen minutes of racing, Team Redline's number 73 car was back in third place, eight seconds from BS Competition's leading cars.

After about an hour of racing, almost all teams made their pit stops, including a change of driver. In addition, the Team Redline Black # 73 car came into the hands of Verstappen, who, like his teammate, kept the same pace as the BS Competition teams, but was unable to catch up.

In the end, Team Redline sovereignly finished third after the two leading cars of BS Competition had changed positions after a few driver mistakes. Ultimately, Alexander Voss' BS car, ahead of Nils Koch's, triumphed.


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