Simplace is proud to announce that SimXPro will officially start selling there Sim Racing equipment from next week onwards! 

About SimXPro

The SimXPro team has been real-life and sim racing enthusiasts since a young age. They have been working together in there other company where we they build more than 300 pop-up go-kart tracks in the last eight years.

SimXPro has engineers, designers, steel- and alloy specialists in their team so it was time for a new adventure!

For many years SimXPro has been devising and building kart and simrace products that they use in their companies. For years they wanted to do more with this because developing and producing is what we really like to do. Due to the covid crisis, most of our events for 2020 have been canceled. The Dutch GP where they would be part of for a month with their mobile go-kart track was also canceled.
This was the moment when SimXPro realized that things had to be done differently. Now was the time to continue with something that we they have dreamed about for years. Develop new products and improve existing ones. Set up their own production and do business worldwide!

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