This high-end Rexing Formula steering wheel is molded out of 100% carbon fiber which gives it a superior finish.

Alcantara Grip

The Alcantara grip provides you with maximum control in tricky corners of the track. The hollow carbon fiber inside the grip shifts the mass to the center of the wheel, giving you the lowest possible inertia for your precious FFB base.

formula 1 steering wheel

High quality buttons

The Rexing Formula Wheel comes with a long-lasting and durable buttons. These buttons give you a real feel of how the buttons are on a real Formula 1 steering wheel. With the Rexing Formula Wheel you can pick your own label and configure you button layout.


High quality shifters

The Rexing Formula Wheel has three pairs of 100% carbon fiber paddles, giving you a realistic feeling of shifting trough the gears.

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