Simplace is proud to announce that IOVALUE TECH will officially start selling there Sim Racing items very soon!

About Virtual Fly



IOVALUE TECH is born from the pasion of its founding partners for simracing and competition. IOVALUE TECH target is to make high-quality equipment accessible and reduce space requirements to enjoy this exciting world. 

IOVALUE TECH is an innovation company specialized in Simracing, created to respond with our products to the needs of amateurs and professionals simracers with a product that follows the best quality and security controls.


Design and Innovation2-0059-500x334.jpg

IOVALUE TECH products have been designed under the concept of space economy and accessibility. IOVALUE TECH wants to preserve the investment made in simracing equipment, through compatibility with the main brands in the market. Our modular patented Compact Cockpit platform, allows access to a high quality RIG simulators starting with the Wheel Stand variant and adding the different components that the user requires to have a complete professional cockpit, preserving the investment already made.

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