How to connect any racing wheel to the Fanatec wheel base?
Many simracers have (or will opt) for a Fanatec wheel base due to the Fanatec eco-system. Once you buy a Fanatec wheel base, you have no choice but to buy a Fanatec racing wheel. However, Fanatec came with a great solution. The Fanatec Podium Hub. Thanks to the Podium Hub you as a simracer can finally connect different racing wheels from other brands to your Fanatec wheel base!

Integrating a dedicated ARM processor, the Podium Hub is low latency, firmware upgradeable, and supports 10 buttons and dual 16-bit resolution analog inputs. Additional buttons, axes, and displays can be connected via the data port.

You can use the Podium Hub to mount wheel rims from Fanatec and other manufacturers. Easily upgrade and customize using Fanatec modular components.

The Fanatec Podium Hub is compatible for racing wheels using the 6x70mm or 3x50mm bolt pattern. It's possible to run third-party racing wheels on PC with a USB cable as used on the OSW Directt Drive.

The Fanatec Podium Hub has connectors for the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, two Universal Hub button clusters, and a data port connector for attaching Fanatec button or display modules. Thanks to the included ClubSport Quick Release Adapter you can connect your racing wheel directly to the Fanatec CSL, ClubSport, or Podium wheelbases.

Product Features:

  • Gold anodized aluminum monocoque
  • Ultra sturdy and lightweight space frame design
  • Two connectors for the Podium Advanced Paddle Module (4 buttons + 2 analog axes)
  • Two connectors for Button Clusters (2 x 3 buttons)
  • One data port connector for future accessories (including Podium Button Module Endurance)
  • Supports interchangeable Quick Release
  • Accepts all Fanatec wheel rims
  • Accepts all third-party rims using the 6x70mm or 3x50mm bolt pattern (e.g. Sparco, MOMO, OMP)
  • Allows the use of third-party steering wheels with USB cables on all Fanatec bases (USB wheels must be connected separately to the PC)
  • Included ClubSport Quick Release Adapter
  • Weight (including CS QRA): 563g


Wheel Bases:
  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD1
  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD2
  • PODIUM Racing Wheel F1® PS4™
  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4™
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base + – officially licensed for PS4™

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