Esportsim Formula Steering Wheel

Driving a Formula 1 car on a  simulator is often very complicated,  the reason being that you have to manage a number of different parameters in a fraction of a second.  For example: fuel mix, harvested energy, energy deployed, MGU-H level,  MGU-K level, differential, etc.


This difficulty can be overcome using our FORMULA STEERING WHEEL, with a 5 inch digital display that immediately and clearly shows you all the telemetry data. It comes with functional rotary switches, leds, and other buttons which are accessible at a fingertip.


The Formula Steering Wheel is compatible with:

  • Formula 2018, Formula 2019 simulators, rFactor, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS 2 will soon be compatible.
  • It runs on Xbox, PS4 and any personal computer.
  • It can be used with motor bases such as Thrustmaster and Fanatec.

Software features

  • Wifi connection to get telemetry data
  • Wifi OTA (Over The Air) software updates and customizations
  • Replica of Vettel Ferrari dashboard is included
  • Easy drag&drop web tool to create your custom dashboard
  • Display data on the dashboard are the data that drivers can actually see
  • Compatible with motor base Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Direct Drive (Accuforce, Open Sim Wheel)
  • Compatible with PC
  • The only professional PS4 steering wheel and Xbox One steering wheel
  • Formula Steering Wheel to use with simulator game Formula 2018, Formula 2019 (coming soon for Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, iRacing and Project CARS 2)
  • All hardware components behavior is a replica of the one in a real Formula Steering wheel (rotary switches, buttons, absolute encoders, LEDs’ behavior, and display’s behavior)
  • Continuous driver’s dashboard updates
  • Ready to get a completely customized software on request
  • and much much more

Hardware features

  • 10 front buttons
  • 2 rear buttons (DRS and custom functions)
  • 4 industrial absolute rotary switches (to set brake balance, differential, DMF up/down, DMF left/right)
  • 4 industrial high-torque rotary switches for a great feeling (to manage fuel mix, ERS mapping, power unit modes push and slow, display info, etc…)
  • 5 inches display
  • High-quality materials (front in carbon fiber)
  • 15 rpm LEDs
  • 6 FIA flag LEDs (marshaling lights)
  • the brightness of all the LEDs is adjustable by color with parameters

Compatible Accessories:

  • Podium Advanced Paddle Module – Fanatec

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