MSFS Patch 4 Landing on October 13 | Simplace

Asobo Studio is planning to release Patch 4 of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator on next Tuesday, October 13. Full patch notes will be given at the time patch goes live on Tuesday. Asobo is releasing a new patch every 2 weeks. Here are some of the features and fixes coming with Patch 4.

  • “Press Any Key to Start” screen removed
  • Too tall buildings after Patch 3 fixed
  • A320neo left engine won’t start fixed
  • Bug fixes (VFR Map, Avionics black screen, etc.)
  • Navigation data updates
  • User interface updates
  • Aerodynamics updates
  • Activity updates
  • Marketplace updates
  • World updates
  • More details will come when Patch 4 is available

The official Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums is a good place to share any problems and bugs as well as look for an initial fix if having any issues with the sim.