DOF Viper Simulator | Simplace

The German Sim-Motion GmbH and the Italian MegaSim have joined forces to develop and produce the 3-DOF Viper Simulator chassis.

Sim-Motion is a manufacturer of high-quality motion actuators, while MegaSim is the power behind the cockpit. Combining the products of both brands has resulted in a visually pleasing and very robust chassis with motion simulator, with a compact fingerprint.

The Viper simulator is aimed at both the events market and private customers. The MegaSim Viper is a 3-DOF movement system with Roll, Pitch and Heave movements through the use of 3 Sim-Motion actuators that move the entire chassis. Each actuator can lift up to 150 kg with a maximum speed of 250 mm per second.

The Viper Motion Simulator is available via the Sim-Motion Website for € 8,325.00 Incl. VAT. + shipping.


  • Chassis
  • SM80 Actuator set with 3 actuators
  • SimTools Professional license
  • Brackets on the side
  • Lower seat bracket
  • Logitech / Thrustmaster Wheelbase Bracket
  • Fanatec Wheelbase Bracket
  • Universal pedal set bracket
  • OMP sliders
  • Plastic protection caps
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Decals
  • Rubber feet add-on